The firm Taubenhansl s.r.o. was established as a limited company in 1995, even though its production begun in 1993 as a firm for natural person. The original trade tendency was just joinery which included the production of wooden shelf stands, wooden decorative structural features, shop counters for big supermarkets. Production of the wide range of equipment was exported by the road haulage of its own. Metal production began in 1995 and then it was necessary to look for business premises for expansion of the whole production.

The firm Taubenhansl s.r.o made up for the lack of business premises by buying an old steam-boiler plant in the exurbia of Horšovský Týn. This area was rebuilt as a whole in order to meet our needs: Here we started the production of office furniture in 2000. We supply with the office furniture all over the Czech Republic. The office furniture is made by means of woodworking machines CNC. These machines assure excellent dimensional accuracy and the quality of our products.

About 50 people have found employment opportunities here. We try to create good conditions for their work.

Machine joinery works

Design- production- transport- construction assembly

  • Kitchen to size
  • Office rooms to size including armchairs and chairs
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bedroom, beds
  • Built-in cupboards, coat closets, wardrobes
  • Children's rooms
  • Reconstructions of old furniture



Locksmithery supply our machine joinery works with full range of metal items for our production.

Furthermore our clients may ask for:

  • Aluminium welding operations
  • Fe-welding